Brock Usborne                        
Born June 28th 1961
Lives at 17 George St., Cookstown, Ontario, 
Canada, LOL 1LO                     

Fiancee: Marianne Smith

Phone: from UK 001 705 4588562


Brock competes in the triathlon (run, bike, swim). He is also into serious international motorbike racing. Gobi dessert, Bejing etc.
Brock writes: "Thank you so much for contacting me. I have always had a great interest in the family and am amazed and proud of all the other Usborne's before us. I don't know where to start because there is so much to say and write about. I have had an interest in the family and met a few of the clan while I was in England one time. I even went to the old manor and knocked on the door and said that "I used to live here once". The owners proceeded to invite me in and give a tour of the manor and all the verbal history of it they could. I have also been to the Usborne landing years ago at Portage du Fort on the Ottawa river to see the sites. There is a church in Toronto that has the painting of the Usborne that ended up being the Arch-bishop(?) of Hawaii".