William Usborne 
Baptised March 18th.1732 at Lindfield, Sussex.                               
Married to Elizabeth Roberts of Ware at Ware in 1765.
William died June 28th.1798 and was buried on July 4th.1798 at Ware.
Elizabeth died on July 19th.1833 aged 87 and was buried at Ware.

William was a carpenter living at Amwell End, Ware. He was also a timber valuer and merchant. When his brother John died in 1777 he left his property in Water Row to brother Benjamin who in turn left it to his son John in 1782. William traded this property for "various legacies".
In 1788 he became a customary tenant of the Manor of Great Amwell leasing a strip of one acre called The Slips backing onto Hoe Lane. He assigned the tenancy some five years later. 
A letter from the College of Heralds dated September 3rd 1979 states: A senior branch of an Usborne family residing in Canada headed by William Usborne of Ware is registered with the College.
William, described in his will as a timber merchant left a 7/8th part of his estate to his 7 children at 21.

Elizabeth's will available on line ref.11/1834

Elizabeth's will was proved on July 21st 1834 and is largely indecipherable. She refers to her "dwelling house at Amwell End" and to "messuages, cottages, lands, tenements, hereditaments and real estate". She divides her property assets in two halves, one going to daughter Jane and the other half divided between her surviving sons Thomas, John and Henry.