Born 1945.
Married Anil Markandya.

They have 3 daughters: Polly (1972), Rachel (1975) & Susannah (1979).
The family lived in London and then moved to the west country. They now live in Bath,and have a house in Tuscany. Anil has a work-flat in Bilbao where he works for the Basque Centre for Climate Change.

Anil is a former Professor of Environmental Economics at Bath University now working for the World Bank.
He has written numerous books including: "Blue-print for a green economy", "Climate change and sustainable development", Economics of sustainable tourism".
In 2007, as part of a team, he shared a Nobel Peace Prize (with Al Gore). He worked on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel's third assessment report with responsibility for costing ways of mitigating the effects of Global Warming.

Website: www.markandya.com
Contact: pippin@markandya.com