Penyard Park  
John Usborne bought land in Weston under Penyard (Frogmore & Wallow Farm) Penyard Park. This was inherited by Henry Usborne who in 1876 was described as one of the principal landowners in Weston under Penyard. The village is found two miles east of Ross on Wye on the A40. The land he owned appears to have been Penyard Park or Penyard Hill. At the summit of the hill can be found the sad remains of Penyard Castle. This was probably built in the late thirteenth century and consisted of a rectangular tower with walls 4 feet thick and a courtyard to the east. It belonged to the Talbot family, Earls of Shrewsbury, later passing to the De Greys, Dukes of Kent. In the seventeenth century a house was built in the castle ruins. This was still standing when Henry owned it.

All that remains of Penyard Castle

A contemporary description of the castle in Henry's day follows:

"This fortress, originally but of small extent, is now reduced to comparative insignificance; most of the stonework has long since been removed, and employed in the erection of other buildings. The only part now honoured with the name of castle is the habitation of a woodward, who lives here in complete seclusion from the haunts of man. It belongs to Reverend Henry Usborne of Bitterne".