Margaret Helen
Born October 21st.1917 in Battle, Sussex.
Married Philip Chester in 1968.
Philip died circa 1992
Margaret died November 16th 2005
     Margaret got a first class degree at Cambridge and then trained as a nurse. She suffered from severe stammering which she largely conquered over the years.
     When war broke out she was recruited by Stuart Milner-Barry and spent four years working at Bletchley Park intercepting and decoding German messages. After the war she worked as personal assistant to Frederick Elwyn Jones, a welsh labour MP who became Lord Chancellor in Callaghan's government. Later she was an editor with the Oxford University Press.
     Julian writes: "I remember visiting her in her tiny flat near Charing Cross station. She was the benign aunt who never forgot birthdays. She joked about "hubby-hunting" and finally got one at the age of fifty."
     She was reputed regularly to win competitions set by the New Statesman periodical.
     Although a party worker for the Social Democrat Party her politics drifted to the right with age.
Recipe for Mutty's famous fish pie:
Pour a tin of mushroom soup over some white fish. Sit on six packets of plain crisps and spread contents over fish. Bake for half an hour.  (Kids love it)