John Usborne 
Born September 7th.1878 at Writtle.
Married 25th.October 1905 in Blackheath, Kent
to Rose Elise Mildred daughter of Richard 
Winch of Blackheath.
Died in 18th September 1934.




His mother was not well at the time of his birth. The whet nurse, a Mrs Poole, reported to the big house at feeding time and was well treated and well fed by the family. She always spoke of John as being "her boy".
He  was educated at Harrow (1892-1894).
Aged sixteen, he sailed to New Zealand as an ordinary seaman.
Anne (wife of Humphrey b.1918) has photo of John loading wool in Melbourne in 1894 on sailing ship Harbinger.
He became a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Engineers (Sportsman's Battalion?)
John and Mildred lived at Thurleston,  Ipswich, Suffolk and at King's Somborne, Stockbridge, Kent.