Henry Charles Usborne
Born January 16th 1909 in Leamington, Warwickshire.      

Married May 9th.1936 to Pamela Watson (his first cousin).
Henry died 1996; Pam died August 15th 2009.

Henry was educated at Bradfield and read Engineering at Cambridge.
Joined the Flying Corps at Cambridge. Hit a tree while flying low over Windrush. Barred from further flying.
First job working for Vyella (famous for shirts).
In 1932 Henry traveled to Illinois, U.S.A, and negotiated British franchise manufacturing Nu-way oil-burners. Company thrived.
Married his first cousin Pamela Watson.
Elected to Council of Federal Union in 1938.
Registered as a pacifist.
Elected Labour member of Parliament for Acocks Green, Birmingham in 1945. Thereafter for Yardley, Birmingham. M.P. for fifteen years. He founded British Parliamentary Group for World Government.
He wrote 45 letters to the Times between 1946 and 1985.
Moved from Tamworth in Arden to 20 acre fruit farm and mini-estate at The Parks, near Evesham, Worcestershire
Semi-retired in 1960.           Deserted Labour Party for Liberal Party.
Take-over of Nu-way by Wolesley-Hughes plc ensured financial security for life. Chairman of his son, Andrew's company, UA Engineering Ltd.
Established annual family gatherings (Totterdown Camp) modeled on family gatherings at his Aunt's house at Windrush (see Dorothy b.1887)
Justice of the Peace and Marriage Guidance Counselor.
Pam moved to Lee Common, Bucks near her son Barnaby.

In an un-dated letter to his brother Tommy Henry wrote:
"In 1960 I was asked by Lord Lucas, who said he was conveying the request from Harold Macmillan, to take a life peerage. I accepted on certain conditions, one of which was that I should sit on the cross benches. I heard no more of the matter till several years later: Transport House had vetoed it. Macmillan had put my name in as a Labour chap, which I insisted I was not".

Julian writes: "Henry epitomised the "favourite uncle". He and Pam were always welcoming. Henry often dragged visitors out to help clip the sheep's feet or put up netting over the strawberry patch. He dreamed of a roll as a political guru with admiring fans listening to his every word. He will, I believe, be remembered as much as a focus and magnet to his extended family as a politician".

Henry & Pam (centre picture)

       Totterdown (back garden)       

                  Family lunch                    
Books: The Bomb (1980?);       Prescription for Peace (1985);   
A Warning and a way round.    
Annual memorial lecture        
      More family photos           
Obituary by Phillip Whitehead