Henry Francis Usborne 
Born July 19th.1877 at Godden Green, Kent.
Married December 14th.1921 in Marston, Oxford
to Jessie Henrietta, daughter of Joseph Nutt.
Died January 13th.1933 in Swanage, Dorset.

No children                                      

Harry was educated at Charterhouse school (1892)
Margaret (b.1917) writes:
I'm surprised Harry was on the Charterhouse register.
Shouldn't have thought he was up to going to school.
Uncle Harry was always delicate with an illness now, I think
well-known, but then not named. His wife was always known
to us as squint-eyed Jess. Her father was a cobbler
and when I went with my mother to visit them at Swanage
the parents lived in the basement of Harry's terraced house
and seemed to be regarded as servants".
His brother Charles wrote: "He is a good chap but not very capable"