Henry Lawrence Usborne                         
Born September 2nd.1869 at Writtle, Essex.
Married June 12th.1901 at Mary Abbots, Kensington. London
to Margaret Myra, daughter of Sir Frederick Green of Hainault Lodge, Essex.
Henry died 21st August 1954.  Buried at Writtle, Essex

Larry was educated at Harrow (1883).                                     
His father "chucked him out" of the family home in Writtle to 'make his own way'
He lived with his family at Threshers, Harlow, Essex and at Luptons, South Weald, Essex.
In the 1891 census he was described as a "clerk to stockbroker". 
Later he became a "member of the Stock Exchange".
In 1898 he became a partner in the firm of Burge, Brown & Co.
He was a director of The Spanish Lead Syndicate Ltd.
He started a packaging factory in London called Mono Containers with a subsidiary called Perga Cartons. Their products ranged from plastic beakers to waxed cardboard containers (for milk, ice cream etc).
  During WWII the company made long range fuel tanks for aircraft which were jettisoned after use. 
He became a Justice of the Peace.
Larry enjoyed hunting, shooting and golf.  He was also a accomplished woodworker and had a large workshop cum kennel in the grounds of Threshers.  
Threshers was sold in 1948 and he and Myra moved to the Royal Glen Hotel in Sidmouth.  Each had their own room and he fixed up a private bell system between their rooms.