Henry Usborne
Born Upper Bedford Place, London February 1st.1843.
Died June 22nd 1890.
Buried Highgate Cemetry..

Educated Harrow School (1858-1861)
and Trinity College, Cambridge
He left his "ample fortune" to his brother Thomas


photo taken 6 months   before he died        
Shortly after he died, Henry reappeared in a sťance and left the following unlikely message on a slate for his cousin William Usborne Moore: "Good afternoon. Is it not delightful to meet in this way ? So many persons think me dead, and I presume they are forgetting me. I shall meet them when they come over and surprise them. I am glad I can do so well with this little piece of pencil. I feel about as I felt during my life in the physical body. Let me come again sometime when I may write better."