Helen Maud                                        

Born May 4th.1879 at Godden Green, Kent.
Married April 8th.1905 in Rawalpindi, India
to Arthur D. Blascheck of Lahore.
Helen died in 1955 in Bournmouth, Hants.
Arthur died 1966 near Bridport, Dorset.
Children: Elizabeth, Alexander (1911-1979) & Charles (d.2007) 

Arthur was in forestry. 


For more information contact relative Max Hesbrook

Pam (see Henry b.1909) writes: 
"Aunt Helen was a bitch and a snob. She did not like sex and wanted no children. Somehow she had three at seven year intervals. She nick-named her son Alexander "Ugly" at birth and the name stuck all his life. When they returned to England she realised she could not afford to buy a house and maintain the level of staffing she had enjoyed in India.
They lived the rest of their lives in hotels. She would peer at us children through her lorgnettes with some withering comment"