Gordon van Renseterer Usborne      

Born April 30th 1876 at Arnprior.
Married April 14th 1911 in Honolulu
to Grace, daughter of George Pilgrim of Exeter, Devon, England.
Gordon died in 1933.                         
Believed to be Bertha and
Gordon around 1882
Gordon was a sculptor (described as "bohemian")
He created the adjacent sculpture      >>>
for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1916 in San Francisco. 
The plaque attached to it reads:
"The Surf Riders of Waikiki. Gordon Usborne - Sculptor. Property of the Territory of Hawaii."

The Hawaii Theatre in Bethel Street, Honolulu was built in 1922. This candy-box masterpiece was dreamed up by architect Marshall Webb, designer Homer Merrill in the classical Greek and Roman style as imagined by Hollywood with an overlay of Art Deco. It cost half a million dollars and boasted air conditioning, indirect lighting, wicker chairs and a seating capacity of 1,726. It has recently been restored from near dereliction.

"A huge allegorical mural called "Glorification of Diana" was painted by Lionel Walden directly on the proscenium arch, surmounted by a mosaic dome created by Gordon Usborne".