John Hickmut Usborne                                                   
Born in Marden Kent on 3rd January 1811.
Baptised 19th November 1815 at Marden.
Married in Rochester on 20th May 1832 
to Sophia Tassell (b.1815).
John died in Rochester on 30th March 1892.
Sophia died on April 20th 1901; 
Both are buried at St Peter's cemetery, Rochester.
John was illegitimate. He was baptised as John Hickmott in in 1811 and again as John Usborne in 1815. 
John was living in Rochester working as a labourer when he married Sophia Tassell in 1832. He was working as a farm labourer in 1845 being promoted to Farm Bailiff by 1848. From 1851 to 1861 they were living at Rings Hill Farm with five farm labourers boarding. In 1871 they lived at "The Rosen Inn" where John was an inn-keeper and labourer. By 1881 they were living at Ring's Lodge, Wouldham, Kent, when John was working as a care-taker. By 1891 they lived at 15 Burntt Street, Rochester. John worked once more as a labourer.

Report in Maidstone Journal 3 April 1838.              (Read more)
"On Wednesday last, J.Usborne, a laboring man, was committed to Maidstone, on a coroner's inquest for Manslaughter.  It appeared in evidence that a number of persons were drinking at a pubilc-house at Borstal, when a quarrel commenced betwenn Usborne and Ackhurst; after some words Ackhurst struck a blow at Usborne, and hit him on the side, when some of the company jeered Usborne, and said "why don't you fight him?". They went into the yard to fight it out, when Usborne hit Ackhurst a blow in the face and knocked him down.  The man appeared stunned by the fall, and was put into a stable and left there till the next morning, when as he gradually became worse, he was sent to the workhouse at Chatham, where he died the next day. Usborne bears an excellent character."