Born 1960              
Married October 15th.1996 to
Olivia Hamilton Lester (b.6.9.63)


Education: University of Sussex, B.A.(hons) English.
Alex runs his own film and television production company called Picture Palace North Ltd
His films include: Johnny Fantastic(1990); Brendon Boys(1991); Tales from a Hard City(1995); A Band Called Treacle (1996); The Granton Star Cause (1997); The Acid House (1999; 1.2m. budget, 5 m. sales); Large (2001; 1.6m. budget).
His awards include: Junior Oscar for student work; Prix Italia;
and many other film festival awards.
Between 2000 and 2001 he oversaw the production of numerous films as Senior Executive of the New Cinema Fund (UK Film Council).

Olivia is a B.A.(hons) in Art History; University of East Anglia.
She teaches Yoga.

Contact:   Address: The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, 
Sheffield S1 2BY
               E-Mail: Alex: