Thomas William Usborne                      
Born 1881
Married to Lucy Hopson(?)(b.1884).
Thomas died 1964; Lucy died in 1969.
They are both buried by the Hopson Monument 
at Westfield & Portland union cemetery NY
In 1947 they were living in a small town on the banks of Lake Eyrie. 
John Usborne recalls "Today I hope to escape to a wild Kentucky forest so I don't have to listen to Lucy reminiscing about her family or gassing on about the Democrats. Tom is likely to fight Lucy every ten minutes. Yesterday, at the wrong moment, he announced: I'm so hungry I could eat the ASS off a rag doll" (John Usborne, schoolmaster. 1914-1965)

Who is: Rowena Usborne/Powers (1884-1957)   
Adelaide J. Usborne  (1859-1940)?