John Usborne     
Born December 16th 1840 at Marden
Married March 26 1863 at Walworth NY. 
to Emily Burden (b.1842).
John died Feb 17th 1919 at Hastings.
Emily died 12th January 1920 at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Both buried in Hastings riverside cemetery.

Barry Co., Michigan
John was a farmer in Kent. 
A story is told that John's family and Emily's family both came to America on the same ship, and that John was promised to Emily's sister. One day the three of them were taking a turn on the deck of the ship when a breeze blew the girls' skirts around and lifted them slightly until their ankles were exposed. John is said to have noticed that Emily's ankles were far more beautiful and elegant than her sisters' and decided on the spot to marry Emily instead! 
They settled at Hartford, Van Buren County, Michigan, USA.
By 1876 they had moved to a fruit farm at Shelby, Michigan.
In 1895 they purchased a farm about a mile north-west from Carlton Center, Barry Co. Michigan. "The Usborne farm was largely a happy farm. The Usbornes were quiet, friendly, warm, generous people". 
Cousin Samuel (b.1851) referred to him as Johnny Jockey Usborne.

They retired in 1914 and lived in a house on the north side of Hastings.