Alexander Burden Usborne  
Born 24th December 1924.
Married October 1953 to Phyllis Sheffield.
Died November 26rh 2013



Ike lived at 201 Indian Hills Drive, Hastings, Michigan 49058, USA
He worked on the farm after graduation, until he enlisted in the Marine Corp. in October, 1943 to serve in World War II.
After discharge he worked at General Motors in the forge plant, and later went to work for the state of Michigan as a corrections officer in Ionia, Michigan for 27 years.
Ike learned to love hunting and fishing from his older brother, Gordon. He enjoyed going on fly fishing expeditions to Canada
He was also an avid gardener
After retirement he broadened his love of music by seeking out records of the 50ís and 60ís at garage sales
He will be remembered for his sense of humor, generosity and devotions to his family.