George Curzon Osbert Usborne of Honolulu.    


Born August 23rd.1882 at Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.

Married September 10th.1912 to Gertrude Laura, daughter of William Barnes of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.   
His will was drawn up in Honolulu and is dated 28th Jan.1925.                    


Canadian air force records of awards include the following entry:
USBORNE, Major George Curzon Osbert - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 November 1918.  Born in Arnprior, Ontario, 23 August 1882; educated at Victoria College, British Columbia; home in Honolulu, Hawaii (petroleum engineer); enlisted in Eaton Machine Gun Brigade and became a Lieutenant, Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade.  To Reading, 28 December 1915; to No.3 RS, 20 March 1916; to No.16 RS, 3 May 1916; to No.46 Squadron, 25 May 1916; appointed Flying Officer, 13 June 1916; with No.40 Squadron, 18 August 1916 to 9 March 1917; with No.60 Squadron, 9-31 March 1917; to Home Establishment, 31 March 1917; to No.98 Depot Squadron, 11 April 1917; to No.198 NTS, 1 January 1918; to No.112 Squadron, 5 October 1918 (commander).  Attained rank of Major, 22 February 1918.  A notation on his file (Public Records Office Air 76) says, "Knowledge of petrol engines. Since joining Royal Flying Corps 34 types of planes flown seriously. Flown Nieuport Baby."  No citation other than "in recognition of valuable flying services".

All picture of Canadian machine gun brigades

Nieuport Baby
Note Lewis gun
mounted on wings