Queen Charlotte's Birthday.      
February 26th 1818


What posh ladies 
wore in 1818
By Royal Command Henry and Phoebe Anne were summoned to attend the court at St James' Palace to celebrate the Queen's birthday. This was the final seal of social approval marking this son of a country carpenter as gentry. Henry was forty one, Phoebe Anne thirty two. They had been married just over two years. "The summons to the palace was "on the occasion of their marriage". Phoebe Anne was presented by Lady Lubbock, wife of Sir J Lubbock, MP for Leominster.
The Queen was the public face of the Royal Family. She was 74 and in poor health. She died later that year. Her husband was deemed to be mad and had been discreetly tucked away, rarely visited even by his wife. He died in January 1820 aged 81.

"Yesterday was the day appointed for the celebration of her Majesty's last birthday, and a drawing room was held accordingly at her Majesty's Palace. Proper cushions were provided, on which her Majesty could stand or lean to enable her to go through the fatigue of a crowded court.
At one o'clock there was a salute of artillery in the Park and the Tower; and that no inappropriate sight might interfere with the rejoicings usual to a birthday fete, all those persons who were in family mourning, put it off for that day and glittered in colours more suitable for the occasion. The guards, on horse and foot, under the superintendence of the police, were distributed through all the usual stations, and maintained the most perfect order. An immense multitude of spectators were collected together in spite of the rain and cold. The court visitors were also very numerous; they began to arrive at one o'clock, and continued setting down till past three. At half past three the Prince Regent arrived with his usual suite of attendants and was followed by the usual train of life-guards. His Royal Highness was, of course, received with all the ceremonies due to the Sovereign.
The Duke and Duchess of York, The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and the Princess Sophia of Gloucester went in State, escorted by parties of life-guards. The Duke of Sussex went in private.
The Prince of Hesse-Homberg went in one of the Regent's carriages, was escorted by Life Guards, and was received with the same military honours as the Royal Family.
The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Master of the Rolls and the Vice-Chancellor, went in state and were presented on their late appointments. The Austrian Ambassador, the Spanish Ambassador, accompanied by his lady, and the American Plenipotentiary with his lady, severally went in state. Mrs Rush, the wife of the American Minister, was presented to the Queen by Lady Castlereagh. Mr Smith and Mr Taylor, attached to the embassy were presented by his Exellency.
The Prince of Hesse-Homberg was presented to the Queen by Lord Stewart, our Ambassador to Vienna, but who is now at home on leave.
There were present, the Lord Chancellor and the Regent's cabinet ministers, the Great Officers of State, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of London, Mr Sheriff Desagne, Mr Sheriff Alderson, the Attorney General, the Solicitor General, the Dean of Windsor, the Dean of Westminster, the Provost of Eton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the Lord Primate of Ireland &c."
(Source: The Times of February 27th 1818)