Born May 16th 1838 in Quebec city.
Married at Portage-du-fort February 23rd.1857.
to Captain(?) Robert William Harding.
Robert died October 6th 1867 aged 37.
Caroline died December 17th.1892 in Toronto.
Children: Emily Ada (1858); Emma Hester (1860);
George Usborne (1862); Ethel Mary Seton (1865).

Barbara Musgrave writes: Caroline was my great-great grandmother. Robert was an Englishman born of Emily Wood Harding and baptised in Burslem, Staffordshire on January 6th 1830.  Robert was a midshipman in the Indian Navy between 1847 and 1852 when he resigned "sick" as "acting mate". He took part in the Burmese war of 1852. He married Caroline while working in Prescott, Ontario with the Grand Trunk Railway. When married he became Clerk of the Court at Portage du Fort. When Robert died Caroline moved in with her father George until he died in 1886.       
Robert's cousin Henry Foudrinier married Caroline's sister, Mary Usborne.

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or John (great grand-son)

   Ethel & Hester in 1911
See Ethel's Christmas recipe.
According to the History of the Burmese War (vol 2) by Charles Rathbone Low: On the 3rd January 1852 an expedition was dispatched to Pegu 75 miles north of Rangoon............(supported by) 5 boats from HMS Fox and a a paddle boat from "Moozuffer", under Mr Midshipman Harding. Pegu was captured on the next day with small loss and the fortifications destroyed. Harding's name appears in the list of medals awarded for the engagement. The Moozuffer stuck on a sandbank on the return journey to Bombay. The crew were all rescued and got back to Bombay on Sep 28th. It is not recorded whether his resignation "sick" that year was a result of wounds sustained in the engagement.