Benjamin Usborne
Baptised June 27th.1725 at Lindfield.
Married Ann of Thunder Hall, Ware.
Ann died 5th.1788.
Benjamin died September 3rd.1782

Thunder Hall         

Benjamin was a corn merchant living in Chatham, Kent but described in his will as "perukemaker". (NB The French word "peruque" was anglicised to "periwig" then "wig")

He inherited Thunder Hall and other property in Ware from his brother John. 
Thunder Hall is a large mid-19th century alteration to a 17th century mansion (the council's description) on the edge of the old part of Ware town. It is partly empty and decaying, and partly converted into flats.                            

Will dated June 15th 1782: "I Benjamin Usborne, Perukemaker bequeath to my wife Ann all my estate in Ware, called Thunder Hall, now in the occupation of Mrs Wright to be sold immediately after her death and the proceeds to provide the following legacies:
viz a 1/6th part to each of my children John Usborne, Elizabeth Hide, Thomas Usborne, Esther Usborne, William Usborne and my grand-daughter Elizabeth Crandall. If my son Thomas continue abroad upwards of 3 years after the said estate is sold, his share shall be divided among the other legatees. If my daughter Elizabeth Hide shall die before the legacy is payable it shall devolve to her heirs."