Alexander Usborne
Baptised February 22nd.1669 at East Farleigh.
Married January 24th.1704 at East Farleigh
to Susanna Nicholls, born 1685.
Susanna buried May 11th.1764 at East Farleigh.
Alexander buried August 30th.1737 at East Farleigh.

Memorial in East Farleigh churchyard reads:

Here lyeth the body of Alexander USBORNE of this Parish, Yeoman who died August ye 23rd 1737. Aged 68 Years. Left issue 4 Sons and 3 Daughters. Also in Memory of Susanna the wife of Alexander Usborne who departed this Life the 6th day of May 1764. Aged seventy-nine.
Described as Yeoman. ( not ranking as gentry). He was taxed on 18 acres in 1690.  He owned a "house in town" valued at "1 yearly". 
He served on the Parish Council between 1721 and 1734. In 1695 He was Church-warden and Overseer (of the poor).  

He was 35 when he married Susanna who was 19 years old. Alex lived to 68 years, Susanna to 79.
Alexander's will (available on line ref 11/686):  
IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I, Alexander Usborne in the parish of East Farleigh in the county of Kent, Yeoman, being in health of body and of good and perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to almighty god, and calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God, do make and declare this my last will and testament.
First, being sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sins and past, mosty humbly desiring forgiveness of the same, I commend my soul unto Almighty Godand my body I commit to the earth, from whence it came to be decently buried.
I do nominate and appoint my dearly beloved wife, Susanah Usborne, sole executrix of this my last will and testament for the time of her natural life or day of marriage and after her death or day of marriage I make and ordain my second son Thomas Usborne, whole and sole executor.
Also, I give unto my dearly beloved wife, Susanah Usborn, all my lands which are near a certain place or heath know by the name of Coxheath in the said County of Kent and called Grubfield, and five pieces of woodland adjoining thereto and now in the occupation of me, together with all my store without doors, corn and hay, all ready moneys, husbandry, tackllng and premises. If after her decease or day of marriage, then I give the said lands, woodlands and premises unto my said son, Thomas Usborne, his heirs and assigns for ever.
I give and bequeath unto my son Alexander Usborne, the sum of twenty shillings of lawful moneys of Great Britain to be paid in three months after my decease (he having received of me during his life time his full share of my estate for the better advancement in the world).
Also., I give the rest of my children, Joseph Usborne, John Usborne, Susanah Usborne, Rebecca Usborne and Mary Usborne the sum of twenty pound apiece of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid to them when they attain the respective ages of of twenty and one years by my son Thomas Usborne, in twelve months after I and my wife's decease.
I do hereby order that if my said wife Susanah Usborne shall happen to dye before my said children shall all attain the age of twenty one years, then my son, Thomas Usborne, shall at his own proper cost provide for, cloath and educate my said younger children during such time as they shall be unable to provide for themselves or or attain the respective age of twenty one years.
I do hereby give unto my said loving wife, Susanah Usborne, all my goods, chattels, household stuff and furniture which shall be in my dwelling house at the time of my decease of what nature or kind soever they be (except ready moneys) to my said wife forever.
I witness to this my said last will and testamernt contained in three sheets of paper, I, the said Alexander Usborne, the testator, have sett my hand and seale, this eleventh day of November in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses, Ann Dennis, George Dennis, Jon. Brenchley.