Alexander Usborne/Osborne                 
Married 1. Marie daughter of Mortleye
               October 12th 1573 at Goudhurst.
               Buried March 20th 1574 at Goudhurst.
            2. Marion.
Alexander buried May 17th 1623 at Goudhurst.

Alexander inherited land at Goudhurst. He was a "householder" 
and "broadweaver".              (He was under 26 in 1545)

Will dated December 9th 1617:  I give to the children of my son, John Usbone viz. Alexander, Benjamin, John, Mary and Agnes 2s.6d. apiece. Residuary legatee of moveables: Marrion, my wife. To William Usborne, my son, I bequeath the house and lands in Goudhurst, he now occupies. Alexander Usborne, his mark.