Agnes May
Born June 13th 1876 at Godden Green, Kent.
Married July 1st.1908
to Dudley Carver Ward of Romford at Coates, Gloucestershire.

Pam (see Henry b.1909) writes:
Aunt May was a sweet lady, trampled on by a dominant husband. Dudley, known in the family as "the rotter", never worked all his life, preferring to live off his wife's fortune. His children hated him. He dabbled in dog and horse breeding. He had a good eye for antique furniture which he stored in their barns till they fell apart. My mother, Dorothy, bought an occasional piece for Windrush out of pity."

They had five boys: Peter, Jack (forester), Tom (farmer), Trevor (farmer), Giles and two girls: Agnes (farmer) and Mary.
Jack and Tom committed suicide.