Vivian Mary Noel
Born December 29th 1920 at Westminster, London.
Married to Ian Child (dissolved).

Vivian Mary died in St Vincent on 4th November 2016 aged 96. 

Vivian had an unsettled childhood following her father's naval career from London to Malta to Portsmouth and back to London. She was sent on an exchange to France and Germany where she learned the languages. 
She writes: "My father wanted me to be a dress-designer. My mother wanted me to be a debutante and socialite. When the war came I went into the press censorship. There was very little to do so I thought I might as well do what I had wanted to do since four years old. I was lucky enough to get a place in University College Hospital, London. They only took twelve women. I qualified a few months before the war ended. In about 1952 my mother and I went to Tanzania to escape the English weather. She died in Kenya. Then I got a job through the Colonial Office who sent me to St Vincent where I married a planter. I worked into my mid seventies in general practice."
Vivian and Ian lived in a house called Montague on the 1,500 acre hillside estate called Grande Sable. They grew Sugar Cane, Copra, Arrowroot and later Bananas. The estate was sold in the early 1970's and they moved into a 1930's wooden bungalow called The Brae at Indian Bay where she still lives (2005). She is known locally as
"De Doktah," There are peacocks strutting about the large terraced garden which has superb views across the sea to Young Island. She got to know the English side of the family in 1954 at an Usborne dinner hosted by Henry (MP) at the House of Commons in 1954 and maintains regular contact across the family.
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Contact: PO Box 533. St Vincent,  West Indies. 

View from her bungalow  
towards Young Island.