Saint Elizabeth Seton   1774-1821

Charlotte Curzon Seton>>>>      

Elizabeth was the First American Saint
canonised September 14, 1975, in Saint Peter's Square, by Pope Paul VI. 
The legacy she left  includes six religious communities with more than 5,000 members, hundreds of schools, social service centers, and hospitals throughout America and around the world.
Elizabeth married William Magee Seton. When her father died in 1799 Elizabeth and William, who already had five children of their own, took responsibility for her younger unmarried siblings. When William Magee died Elizabeth was left alone with her extended brood. She turned to the Catholic Church. Under her influence her nieces became nuns, all except Charlotte Seton who had been sheltered at private school. Charlotte, who was, by then, married, spoke out strongly against this. There was quite a rift in the family. Charlotte's daughter Mary Seton married George Usborne.