Scott Howard Usborne
Born 30th March 1954 
in Vancouver, BC

Not married.

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Scott writes: "I guess I am the historian in the family".
Scott is a military Major vice Captain formerly working as a peace-keeper for the UN and stationed at Camp Ziouani on the Golan Heights in Israel. The following is a transcript from the Ottawa Citizen:
"Walking swiftly across camp from the officers' mess to his office, Capt. Scott Usborne is all business. With a greying crew cut and sharp features, he gives the impression of a classic no-nonsense military man. A native of Victoria, he is, at 50, the senior captain on base. He lays down the rules. No visitor is to leave the mess without an escort officer at all times. "This is an operational base," he says. In mid-sentence, he draws his right hand to his brow and salutes in the direction of a small memorial in the centre of the camp. It's a shrine dedicated to the 54 Canadian soldiers who have died in the Middle East. The soldiers at Camp Ziouani salute the memorial each time they pass. It's a reminder that danger is never far away. "People can still get killed here, even after 30 years," he said.

Scott adds "I don't really play chess at a high level though I would like to"