Baptised 19th August 1729.
Marriage no Mr Hutchinson(?)
Marriage no Thomas Cobb February 21st 1754 in Strood.
Thomas was born in 1731 and died in 1800 in Strood.
Mary died 17th December 1770 in Strood, Kent,


Charles Cobb (1808- 1891)
 grandson of Thomas & Mary
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Oliver Cobb

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Thomas was a leather dresser.
They had
seven children: 
Ann (b.1755), Elizabeth (b.1757), Esther, Amelia ( Millie) & John (1765-1821). George & Sarah died young.
The memorial inscription in Strood church records Thomas' death in 1800; "Also Mary wife of Thomas Cobb and daughter of Alexander and Mary Usborne who died December 17th 1770. Aged 41 years".

Strood registry entry 
recording Mary's burial