Mabel Alexina                                               
Born March 7th.1880 at Writtle.   
Died May 16th 1969.

Romans House 

Ropers Hall   

In 1915 Mabel inherited Writtle House and most of her fathers estate (116,000). Her father regarded her as the brightest of his children best able to manage the complexities of a large estate.
Writtle house became a hospital for much of the war and later a hall of residence for Writtle college. Mabel had it demolished in 1922. She moved first to Romans House which her father had built to get his unruly teenage sons out of the big house and later to Ropers Hall by Writttle Green. Like her father Mabel was Master of the Essex Union Hunt. She always rode side saddle.
John Jay, Writtle archivist writes "Mabel was not much liked in the village. When approached to contribute to a charity she agreed, but only on condition that her name appeared at the top of the list of donors. If there was a queue at the shop, she would walk straight to the front and expect to be served first". 
Tommy (b.1907) adds: "I once met a parson who worked in Mabel's parish who was sacked because of his "addiction to theatricals". She was a real dragon"
In rainy weather she would climb unsteadily on to her bicycle. The chauffeur had to run alongside and hand her the open umbrella. She died at 89 after breaking her leg falling off  her horse.
According to Elizabeth Taitt she left 750,000 in her will (equivalent to 7 (?) million today). Her fortune was distributed between 19 nephews and nieces. The will was managed by a young solicitor called Rodney Timpson (of Audry & Ford, Marlborough) who is still alive today (2003).