Biography of USBORNE, JOHN (JACK)
Taken from the Blain Biographical Directory of Anglican clergy

in the Diocese of Honolulu
1862-1902 (2nd.edition; 2008)

Born: 03 Feb 1842 Quebec, Ottawa, Canada.
Died: 23 Aug 1926 Honolulu Hawai'i.
Cousin to the Revd Henry USBORNE, entrepreneur and business man
(born 04 Mar 1811 England; died 29 Jun 1892)

Third of at least seven children of George William USBORNE
(1851) who was a merchant and a protestant, residing Quebec city, County Quebec, Canada East
and was born in England and died 01 Mar 1886 Belleville Ontario. Married 06 Sep 1835 New York

Mother: Mary SETON (1851) with her husband and family Episcopalian (not a protestant)
born 04 Oct 1808 New York USA; died 22 Apr 1862 Portage-du-Fort Quebec.
daughter of Charlotte SETON and niece to Saint Elizabeth SETON, born 1774, died 1821
(14 Sep 1975); canonised, the first native-born USAn saint, born Episcopalian, a Roman Catholic

Married 14 Dec 1871 Emmanuel church Arnprior Renfrew Ontario Canada
to Jessie Maria McLACHLIN
(1871) residing Arnprior (1920) sculptor (with her husband, no occupation)
born c1852 Ottawa Canada died 1926 on train near Evansville Wyoming USA.

Sister to Claude McLACHLIN, died 1904; memorial altar cross Emmanuel church
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. Daughter of Daniel McLACHLIN.

Born Canada; and Maria born Canada.
(online information Jul 2006; Canadian census returns; marriage licence;
See ‘Guide to the Andrew Forest Muir papers, university of Texas’; 
Information from Wayne Kempton, diocesan
archivist, New York)

Education: Trinity College Toronto

1887 deacon Toronto; 1887 priest Toronto (8)

Positions: Successful business man in Toronto, ordained to work among the poor (410)
1869-1873 partnership with the Revd Henry USBORNE, sawmill Braeside.
1871 at marriage: a lumber merchant residing Arnprior (diocese Ottawa)
and manager Waba Creek vineyard.
1880 gentleman with wife Jessie, and children Claude, Gordon, Bertha, and four servants, 
residing Arnprior,
Renfrew, South Ontario, Canada.
1881 married, no occupation, boarder at 11 Holles Street, Cavendish Square, Marylebone, Middlesex (249)
1889-1897 incumbent St Clement, Leslieville [Eglinton], diocese Toronto (8).
Early 1892 six months license to officiate on visit with wife to the warmer climate of diocese Honolulu:
He commented on the confusion of the church.
Dec 1896 from Toronto offered to serve in Honolulu; offer accepted by Alfred WILLIS
and he resigned
rectory St Clement:
05 Apr 1897 licensed vice-dean and with title 'rector' diocese Honolulu -

but probably an honorary
05 Apr 1897 made canon of Iolani, cathedral St Andrew, Honolulu (410)
09 May 1897 inducted rector/vice-dean St Andrew, Honolulu -with the intention of reuniting 
the divided
European congregations (see MACINTOSH).
08 Apr 1897-Dec 1897 commissary for A WILLIS overseas in Tonga, Australia,
and at the Lambeth conference
of bishops in London.
1897 raised money in North America to purchase land and build a chapel and rectory,
at Punahou near
Honolulu, where he donated his services.
Easter 1898 opened chapel St Clement in suburb of Honolulu, with uneasy relationship with the bishop
of Honolulu; the chapel could not be used at all for several months, and was maintained on a title separate
from the bishopric (410).
31 Mar 1898 all licenses appointments and positions of USBORNE declared legally
null and void by the
1898- serious legal arguments with the Bishop of Honolulu.
1901 accused publicly by A WILLIS Bishop of Honolulu of founding a schismatic
"Episcopal church at
01 Apr 1902 on transfer of the diocese to the new jurisdiction of the ECUSA:
restored by acting-bishop W NICHOLS to his cancelled appointments, including the canonry,
and the parish St Clement. Given provisional
status by W Ford NICHOLS, the bishop-in-charge of the missionary district of Honolulu. The first bishop of the missionary district of Honolulu confirmed these restorations of USBORNE which had been stripped by the second bishop of Honolulu. (410)
1917 resigned as rector St Clement Honolulu, and retired to his own home 'Restarick"
at Diamond Head,
Hawai'i (410)

1920 John USBORNE head aged 78, naturalised 1897, born Canada; father born England; mother born New
York. No occupation; his wife Jessie, sculptor, aged 67, was born Canada of Canadian-born parents. 
With family members including son Gordon and Curzon; residing Honolulu, Hawai’i. (1920 USA federal census).
1923 gone from

Other: 19 Apr 1897 celebrant at marriage of the Revd Vincent KITCAT cathedral St Andrew, Honolulu, Hawai’i (MSpapers-2368, ATL)

After 1904 carved an altar as a memorial to his brother-in-law Claude.