Francis Philip Usborne
Born January 10th.1907 at Thurgarton, Notts.
Educated Lancing and Clare College, Cambridge.
Married January 20th 1928
to Bridget daughter of Douglas Atkey of Cowes, I.O.W.
Bridget died 2001
Frank served in World War 2 as Lt-commander R.N.V.R
They lived at Barn Court, Old Burlesdon, Hants.
Secretary of Royal Yacht Club for 20 years.
Awarded MBE in 1952 for services to the Festival of Britain.
He is said to have inherited family memorabilia from his aunt Mabel which in turn was passed on to his niece Melanie Fearon (See Hermione b.1898).



Tommy Usborne (b.1907) reminisces: "In 1979 Gerda and I drove through continuous rain and at last found Francis' house, Barn Court overlooking the estuary of the Hamble River and within sight of Cowes. Francis and Bridget had lived for ten years in a long single story house converted from a hundred year old barn and flanked around the entrance court by ancient houses which were once stables. At the age of 71 Francis was a large and heavy man with a broad face, large mouth and a 'fruity' voice. A drooping lower lip and a certain slowness of reaction suggested that he might have suffered a mild stroke sometime ago. He had an enormous wart on his cheek and, with three chins, was not an oil painting and looked a decade older than his age."