Fitch Lea Usborne 
Born July 20th.1768.
Baptised All Saints, Hertford.
Married Elizabeth.Strickland
at St Peters.Finstheaite,Lancs
on February 25th 1796.
Elizabeth died Sept 20th 1797 aged 32          

He was a Grocer and Tallow Chandler  some time living in Dorking, Surrey.

He is recorded as a shop-keeper of Withy Grove Manchester in1796

Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester: 

The jurors do present Fitch Lea Usborne for fraudulently selling to Thomas Bayley at the said Fitch Lea Usborne's Shop in Withy Grove a certain quantity of sugar made up in half pounds, And also a certain quantity of soap in half pounds pretending that the said half pounds of Sugar and Soap were of full weight when in truth the same were greatly deficient And therefore they do amerce him in the sum of five pounds and five shillings.