Elizabeth Meux                              
Born May 11th.1836.
First marriage to Thomas Hallam Hoblyn.
Thomas died 21st December 1866 aged 31.
Second marriage to Rev. James Marius Taylor.
Elizabeth died October 18th.1922.
at Ashford Lodge, Halstead, Essex.   


Elizabeth with daughter Isabel  
At the beginning of 1846 "Bessie" (and sister Emmy) were at a boarding school in Ryde run by Mrs Butts. In August 1849 she changed to a new school run by Miss Poole.
Tom played first class cricket for the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1863. 
As a lieutenant in the 20th regiment(?) he fought in the Indian Mutiny contracting some form of dysentery(?), during the siege of Lucknow.
The name Meux is the maiden name of her grand-mother who married Thomas Starling Benson. 
They lived at Rickling Green, Essex and had four children. Edward (Ted); Richard (Dardie), Isabel & Henry (b.1864).

Thomas Hoblyn 
Towards the end of the century the Rev, and Mrs Taylor moved to Ashford Lodge, Halstead, Essex, where she lived the rest of her life. In her youth and middle age she was a very efficient person, a pillar of the church, a good business woman, housekeeper, mother and grandmother. She was always keen on gardening. She was no mean artist and painted many watercolours. She played the piano and the organ. Her memory and mind went long before her body and for some ten years before she died she was a Ward in Chancery. She eventually died on 18 October 1922, aged 86, and was buried in Halstead cemetery. Ashford Lodge was burnt down a month later.

Contact descendant: John Hoblyn in Canada who inherited furniture, paintings and papers from Loddenden.