Edward Osborne  
First marriage to Anne Hewitt.
Anne died in 1585.
Second marriage to Margaret
Edward died in 1591.
Edward was brought up with his widowed mother in a cottage at Kiveton, (near Sheffield). They were befriended by Sir William Hewitt, lord of the adjacent manor of Wales. Hewitt, a  wealthy London merchant, took Edward, then probably in his teens, to London as an apprentice cloth-worker. Edward lived with them on London Bridge. One day a careless maid dropped Hewitt's four year old daughter Anne into the river Thames. Against all odds Edward dived in and rescued the unhappy child. From then on Sir William treated Edward as his own son and twenty years later Edward and Anne were married. Edward inherited Sir William's business interests and estates. 
He became a highly successful cloth merchant. He was Sheriff of London in 1575 and was knighted on becoming Lord Mayor in 1585. 
The Pax in Bello arms were registered to Edward at the Heralds Visitation of London in 1568.