William Usborne
Born 1700
Married 5th September 1727 at Teston to Constance Toke (b.1703) of Marden
Constance was buried 22nd January 1774 at Staplehurst.
William was buried 8th December in 1784.

William was a hop merchant.

Constance was the daughter of Nicholas and Constance Toke of Maidstone and Spillsill. She inherited Spilsill Court where the family lived.

SPILSILL-COURT was once, as appears by antient deeds, the residence of a family of that name, who, before the end of king Edward II.'s reign, were extinct here. It was sold to Nicholas Toke, of Maidstone, by whose daughter Constance it went in marriage to Mr. William Usborne, gent. of this parish, descended of ancestors of long standing in these parts, who bore for their arms, Quarterly, first, and fourth, ermine, of five spots; second and third, azure, a cross, or; and his son Nicholas Toke Usborne, gent. now of Staplehurst, is the present owner of this estate.