William Usborne                        
Baptised 10th December 1666.
Married Hannah Toke (b.1669)
William buried 16th June 1724.
Hannah buried 29th March 1749.
The Tokes were a prominent land-owning family from Linton and Marden, Kent.
William bought brother Edward's share of the estate in 1693.
He greatly altered the house and built a new staircase.
He was described as a "gentleman" in 1699.

Arms adopted by Wm
Maidstone museum holds two green leather farm account books roughly kept during the years 1707-1715 by William.
In his will dated 12th December 1721:
William Usborne of Staplehurst, Yeoman, mentions land and houses at Staplehurst and land at Gifford Marsh, Sussex, bought of Mr Dan Poyntel (Rector of Staplehurst).