Walter Usborne                                  
Died 1612
Walter was a bachelor & clothier

Will dated 19th Apr 1612; proved 10th June 1612.
Walter Usborne of Staplehurst. Co.Kent, clothier.
To the poor of Staplehurst 13/4d. To Thomas my eldest brother 6; To my 3 other brothers Peter Robert & William 6 apiece. To Alice, my eldest sister, 12.  To Susan, Sara, Elizabeth, & Mary, my 4 other sisters, 6 apiece. Residuary legatee: my mother Anne, widow. regard the messuage & part of the field called Butfielde, the residue to my three other brothers. To Anne Petter, wife of Herbert Petter, of Sandhurst, Co Kent, tanner, 40/-.
Witness: Thomas Bredgland.