Thomas Usborne                                             
Born 6th March 1640 in London.
Died 1st December 1686
Thomas went to Merchant Taylors' school 1649-1650.
He was elected to St Johns College, Oxford in 1658; matriculated June 1659; Bachelor of Civil Law 1665.
Rector of West Cheam, Surrey 1673.
A plaque from the original Saxon church has been re-located to the Lumley Chapel of the church of St Dunstan's, Cheam, Surrey
Ed.  This is the earliest record I can find of the family using the coat of arms of George Osborne (Ashford branch) who became Earl of Danby in 1673 and Duke of Leeds in 1694.

Tho. Usborn alias Osborn
hujius Eclesiae Rector
Ob 1 die Decembris
Anno aetatis suae XLV
Anno Christi MDCLXXXVI
See also Manning & Bray's History of Surrey 1809 vol.2 p.475