Thomas Usborne                  
Baptised 3rd October 1613
Married to Mary.
Died 19th May 1674.
Buried 22nd May 1674
Mary was buried 13th October 1689.
There is a reference in the church book of the Congregational Church, Guildhall, Canterbury dated January 12th 1647:
"This day came Thomas Usburne and Thomas Houseyde from some christians who live in or about Staplehurst to desire or advice how they may regularly come into the order of the Gospell as a Church of Christ, and thereupon it was agreed by the Church that a letter should be drawen up and advice and incourage them therein and also that the Church should take some tyme in to seek God in their behalfe. And accordingly there was a letter drawen up and sent them".
It is uncertain whether this refers to Thomas then aged 34 or his father aged 67.

Abstract of Will dated 1672:
Thomas Usborne of Staplehurst leaves property to his wife Mary, also to sons Thomas William and Edward and daughter Ann.