John Usborne/Osborne
Born circa 1518; Buried December 27th 1562 (?)
Married Joane.

Will of Joane Usborne, widow, of Staplehurst.
dated January 25th 1562-3. Proved May 16th 1563.
(Archdeaconry court, vol xxxvii.,100).

To be buried in the churchyard.
To the reparation of the church, 20d.
Among the poor people at my burial, 6s.8d.
Jamys Osborne, my eldest son, to have the best coat that was my late husband's.
William, my third son, to have a flock bed with bolstar, pair of canvas sheets, covering, pillowe, chest, brassen kettle, pewter platter, a barrell and tub, one of my best milch kine and 9 in money ----5 within half a year of my death, and 4 within two years.
To Thomas, my youngest son, exactly the same bequest, and also a dry tub for malt and "andirnes" (andirons).
Alice, my eldest daughter, to have a flock bed, bolster, next best coverlet, two pillows, two pillow beers, chest, two of my best cushens and half of all my linen not before bequeathed, a brewing tub, trendle (brewer's vessel), keler (cooler), barrel, standing stole, linen
trendle, ring of silver, 3 platters, 3 dishes and one saucer of pewter, two candlesticks of latten, yren spitte, pair of stock cardes, milche cow, and 14 at her marriage or age 20 years.
To Joan, my youngest daughter, a nearly identical bequest, but also "my christening sheet and best fringe", a "pair of silver hooks", "cupboard" and "tonne".
If any daaughter die before legacy due to her, then to survivor, but if both die, then shares equally among other children.
To my daughter, Kathryn Drewrye, and Robert my son, 10/- each.
To Walter Usborne, my late husband's Godson, 20d. to every of the children of Osberte Osborne, 20d.
Residue of goods and chattels to John Osborne, my second son, to pay debts, etc, and bury my body, and John to be my sole exor. with brother-in-law Osbert, supervisor.
Witnesses: Thomas Osborne, James Buckherste, John Stephens, William Barrett.