John Usborne/Usbarne
Born 1490 (?)
Married to Joane.
Died 5th May 1533
Will of John Usbarne of Staplehurst, the elder.
dated: May 5th 1533.   Proved 24th September 1533.

To be buried in the churchyard.
To High Altar there for tithes forgotten 4d; To every light of Our Lady in Our Lady's chancel, Our Ladye of Pyete and of St John: 4d.
Wife Joane have three beds in the chamber where I lye with all apparel thereto, and all in the said chamber; also to have all my sheets, except one upon bed where Paysforth lieth; also two kyene or else a cow and haffer at her choice.
To the marriage of Margaret my daughter, 4 if she be married before the age of 20 years, but if she die unmarried, or before the age of 20 years, then 40s.of the money to be done for her soul; and John and Usbert, my sons. For a priest to sing in St.Johns chapel in the parish church for a quarter of a year for my soul, 33s.4d.
Wife Joane to have my second brass pot, "Myddel Ketyll", one little pan, the greatest "heyred" (i.e.eared) pan, all my pewter, one chafing dish, and two of the best candlesticks.
That Usbert, my son, have one haffer of the first calf. At my outbearing and months day for my soul, at the discretion of my son John.
Residue of moveable goods, after paying debts, etc., to John my son, my sole exor.
Son John to have my messuage that I now dwell in, two gardens and three pieces of land, also the land called Cuffyld, and to his heirs for ever; except and reserved to Joan, my wife, during all the term that she continueth a widow, have also her pleasure in the hall and kytchyn, and other houses there, also to have reasonable fuel for her spending there, and also the chimney of her aforesaid chamber, her fuel to be cut in lengths for the same, at the cost of John my son.
That son John, after the death of Joan, my wife, have two pieces of land at Asherst Strete, (now Ashurst farm?) and to his heirs for ever. Also son John to have and occupy a piece of land called Devysheyld, two pieces of land on the north end of the said piece, and the way as of "hoilde" (old?) time occupied; one piece of land on the north side of the "strete" at Asheforthe, until my son Usbert is 20 years old, paying to Joane, my wife 26s.8d.yearly to my cosyn James Breggeland until Usbert is 20 years old. Then Usbert shall have the four pieces of land and the profits received, and to his heirs for ever. If Usbert die before 20 with lawful issue, then the land and profits to the heirs of his body for ever.
Son Usbert, when 24 years of age, to have my messuage at Atcherst, and two pieces of land and a lane to them adjoining, and to his heirs for ever, but if my wife be living, reserving to her the profits of the same for her life. That Usbert sell no part or parcel of the messuage and lands to him assigned, before he is 24 years of age.
If Joane my wife die before Usbert come to the age of 12 years, then my messuage, two pieces of land and the lane, shall be let to ferme to James Breggeland, who is to find Usbert to "scoole" until he is 12 years old, and to have the rule and governance of him, but if Usbarn die before 21 years old without heirs, then all the former remain to son John and his heirs male for ever, and for lack of such, to Margaret my daughter and her heirs for ever.
To my godson Thomas Usbarn, all my part of one field called Hyghfelde, which my brother now occupieth.
Winesses: James Bregeland, Thomas Hopper the elder, Richard Turner, tayler, and John Meryall.