Elizabeth Usborne 
Born 8th June 1734 at Maidstone.
Married Thomas Simmons (b.1715) on October 8th 1778
Thomas died 2nd August 1793.
Elizabeth died 25th November  1822.
Inscription in Staplehurst Church.
Thomas died aged 78, universally esteemed.
Elizabeth died in the 89th year of her age.
"Thomas Simmons married Elizabeth Usborne on 08 October 1778. This was a late marriage, he was 63 years old and Elizabeth was 34. From the marriage license, we know it was the first marriage for both of them. There is no record of any children being born to the couple and Thomas’s will confirms this.
The marriage license states that Thomas was a yeoman. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Usborne. The Usborne family were ‘well to do’ and leading members of the village at that time. The license shows a marriage bond was put up by John Usborne of Maidstone defined as a gentleman."
"Elizabeth outlived Thomas by 29 years. She was buried along side Thomas in All Saints Church Staplehurst on the 02 December 1822. She left a detailed will benefiting many of her relatives and also many named poor of Staplehurst. For instance, she left 12 pounds and 12 shillings per year to May Waller daughter of Thomas Waller, a labourer in Staplehurst to 'keep her out of the Parish Workhouse'. After the many small bequests to friends, relatives, servants and the poor, the bulk of her estate went to her nephew Thomas Simmons."
See also Hawkhurst church register.