Edward Usborne                                 
Born 30th August 1757.
Married Ann Downing (b.1793)
Edward died 9th July 1828.
Ann died in 30th April 1875 aged 82.
They had no children.
Ann was 36 years younger than her husband and survived him by 47 years.
She left the Loddenden estate to a niece (by adoption) in Australia, Elizabeth Sarah Downing (Sissie)
Elizabeth married Thomas Starling Usborne (unrelated). Thomas died in 1903, Elizabeth Ann in 1906. The estate was sold in 1908 to H.S. Cowper who published a book called Loddenden in 1913.

Loddenden held 13 acres: Lane field, Shaw & part of pond, High field, Croft orchard, Garden, Barn & yard, Young orchard, two gardens, Mansion house & grds,  Upper lawn, Grotto gdn & canal pond, Lower lawn, Pond. She also owed 59 acres at Oaks farm.

The inscription in Staplehurst Church reads:

Thou friend of virtue, how deplored thy death.
Thy sorrowing partner sure best can tell.
Tho' friends awhile may mourn, with sighing breath,
Tis here on thy dear memory e'er must dwell,
Till time, his sable mantle, round her twine
The hope to meet thy soul in bliss divine.