Roger Way Usborne                 

Born 22nd May 1941 in Rochester, New York.
Married 18th March 1967 in Chappaqua, Westchester, NY.
to Elizabeth Anderson Lewis (b.1942)

Education: Roger, BA Dartmouth College; 
MS University Arkansas. 
Liz, BA, Denison University; MA, Ball State University.

Military Service: Roger: Naval Line Officer 1962.
"In 1971 I took command of an amphibious ship repairing small boats which patrolled the rivers of the Mekong in Vietnam. For 7 months we pitched as many as 500 grenades a day from dawn till dusk to prevent further Vietcong attack"
"From 1972-76 I was based in Madrid as Electronics and Training Adviser to the Spanish Navy as part of the Joint US Mission in Spain. Part of my job was to clear Spanish naval personnel for training in US. I learned to speak Spanish"
Roger retired as Commander in 1983. From 1983 until 2003 he worked as an Engineering Manager for BAE systems in San Diego.
Liz was a Naval Line Officer from 1964 to 1968.

Address: 5923 Snaffle Bit Pl. Bonita CA 91902.

Roger takes command of USS Krishna in Vietnam





Left to right: Rog and Liz, Mike with daughter Carlin (6 mos.), Liz's mom - 87 and still going strong, Dr. Paul and fiancée, LaDonna, daughter-in-law Michele with son Porter (5), youngest son Scott with current lady, Sara.