Paul Stanley Usborne

Born 9th September 1971 in San Diego.

Married Ladonna 
May 24th 2008.


Paul's residency completion celebration
Above: Liz with her mum, Scott, Roger
Michele, Porter, Mike, Ladonna, Paul
Paul has degrees from University of California at Davis and M.D. from American University of the Caribbean. He is a Family Practice Physician in Covina, California.
His father writes:
Paul and LaDonna launched his website to get a patient base for the new clinic and LaDonna observed that if you "Googled" Paul Usborne, the page from the Family website was the fourth site to be listed.  So, they wanted the page to reflect their new website to increase the potential for more hits.  According to LaDonna, the more a site is accessed, i.e. "hit", the higher the listing when someone searches.  Makes sense, but something I would never have thought of in my aging mind!!
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Paul Usborne, M.D

Address withdrawn at Paul's request
Office: Usborne Family Medicine,
855Lark Ellen, Suite E.
West Covina, CA 91719.
Tel: (626) 938-1080.