John Usborne            

Born 3rd September 1958
Married 18th May 1992 in Mexico to Maria del Carmen (Carmina) (dissolved Jan 2014)
Agueria Peron (b.1959).

John with the PM in 2013
John graduated Carleton University in April of 1982 with majors in Political Science and Economics.
Employment began with an agency of the federal government and he has worked in Finance/Capital Markets.
Then Managing Director and Head of Financial Institutions for BNP Paribas Canada. and a director of the bank's Canadian securities. 
He now works with Societe Generale with responsibility for the Toronto office and their financial institution portfolio
He sits on the board of Bridgepoint Health (local hospital) and belongs to the National Golf Club of Canada and Rosedale Golf Club.
His hobbies include golf, skiing, travel and recently, wine collecting.

Carmina was raised in Mexico City.   
She was formerly a fashion buyer for a large chain store in Mexico. 
In November 2010 she graduated from Transformational College in Toronto and is now counseling clients.
Her hobbies include art, design, architecture and gardening.

Contact: E-mail:
Phone: 416-486-5453  Mob: +1-647 278-4441
Address:  77 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, M4N 1S5