Bertha Enid Usborne                          
Born 12th April 1903.
Baptised 12th July 1903 at Halling, Kent.
Married 30th July 1921 at Strood, Kent.
to John Robinson.
They had three children.

115, Kent Road, Halling, Rochester, Kent. 4th July, 1966.
Dear (brother) Bill,
You asked  me to let you know all that I can remember of Major Usborne's
visit to me regarding our family tree.  I'll do my best, but doubt if I can
tell you any more than you already know.
In the summer of 1932, the Vicar called on me and introduced Major T.M.Usborne,
(b.1866) of Berry House, Chilham, Canterbury, and told me that the Verger
of Rochester Cathedral had informed the Major that an Usborne of Halling had
signed the register, having acted as Best Man at a friend's wedding there.
The Major hired a taxi to bring him to Halling, and went to the Vicar for
help.  The Vicar brought him to me because he had a row with Dad, and wasn't
sure of his reception at Grays Cottage!
Major Usborne told me of his work in tracing the family, and compiling the
family tree; said it had cost him a fortune.  He had searched Church
Registers and tombstones and had a taxi everywhere because his sight was
failing.  He showed me a book which he worked on and I was greatly honoured
when he said I could borrow it to show the rest of the family.  He asked me
if I would act as his assistant and get all the information possible from
Dad and other members of the family.  I set to work; asked Dad all he knew;
wrote innumerable letters to members of the family, asking dates of birth,
marriage, etc., and the Major was very pleased with my efforts.  He wrote'
You are indeed a good assistant'.  He called again to collect his book and
any information I had.  He said he had traced us back to the son of a
wealthy landowner of Faversham.  This son was the black sheep ot the family
and had been cut off with a shilling.  He said he had been trying to find
some descendants of John (I think he called him), so I wonder if he was John
Hickmut?  I couldn't go back beyond grandfather's family you see.  The Major
also told me that our ancestors owned half of Kent at one time, and I'm sure
he said they owned the pickle factory  at Faversham.   (I don't believe all
he said!)
One evening Arthur and Mabel took Jack and me to see Major U and to take him
the latest information.  He took us into his study and showed us the family
tree which covered one whole wall in the room  - it was fascinating.  He
said he hoped that his nephew would carry on his work, but he doubted if he
would be interested.  I wonder what has happened to it?
I saw the enclosed cutting about the Tassells in the 'Kent Messenger' last
Friday.  I hope it will lead to some interesting contacts.
Well, this is all for now, Bill; by the way, I was named after Mum's and
Dad's sisters - just my luck!      Best Wishes from Bertha.