Harry Usborne      
Born 15th November 1852 in Marden, Kent.
Married Susan Sellens (b. 1855) 13th October 1877 in Wrotham.
Harry died October/December 1911 in West Ham, Essex.
Harry was raised in Marden and in 1871 was living at Pattenden Farm working as a farmer's servant. Between 1871 and 1877 he moved to Wrotham and changed his name to Osborne. He married Susan, a servant nurse, in 1877 and in 1878 was listed as a plumber (carpenter). He was described as a painter in 1881 when they moved in to Green Hill House with brother George.
In 1883 Harry, Susan and the two children migrated to USA with brother William. They arrived in New York Harbour on 14th May 1883 on the "Holland" and settled at Ogden,. Monroe county, New York, where his brothers Edward and Stephen were living. On 2nd February Harry bought a portion of  Stephen's farm in Chambers Street. Their third child was born on the farm in 1885 when Harry was listed as a farmer. They became US citizens on 23rd October 1886. In 1892 Harry was working as a painter. In 1894 Harry sold his share of the farm back to his Stephen and returned to England with his family. In 1901 they were living at Turn-pike Cottage, London Rd, Wrotham when Harry was listed as a carpenter. By 1911 they had moved to the West Ham district of Essex.
Research Craig Brown.