Letters from Samuel Ferguson Usborne                                   
to Thomas Masters Usborne
Thomas Master Usborne writes: “I came across the advertisement of S.F.U. quite by accident and communicated with that address.  But I cannot get the old man to answer my questions, and therefore do not see much chance of getting further.

1st letter from SFU to TMU: Utica, N.Y. 17th June 1927.
My dear namesake, I am pleased to learn there is people living by that name. My grandfather John U. was born on Lord Cornwallis’ Estate, 1779 (at Linton, near  Maidstone).   My Great Grandfather, John U. was born on the same farm, so I have been told.  My Grandfather came to this country 1836 ..……?………. settled at Eaton, Madison Co. and is buried there. My grandfather had three sons, John, William and Edward – by his first wife (named Adams) & 5 daus. by his 2nd wife – Ann, Francis, Susan, Mary and Sarah - & she was a Gilbert. John settled at Tecumshe, Mich & and became very wealthy, she had 2 sons, William & Charles and dau. Mary. ………..Charles is still living & runs a large celery farm. William settled at Huntley, Ill. & became wealthy; he had 2 daus. Edward had 2 daus. Adelaide and Frances, and I was the only son.
We had a cousin Thos U., who I used to ship hops to, at 10 Borough High Street. London, and he had a brother that came here and settled in Wisconsin.  In 1870 Jockey U………… Thos U’s home was at Sevenoaks, Croft Villa.
I am now 76 years of age and read and write without glasses, was born March 2nd 1851.
Yours ………………Samuel Ferguson Usborne.
PS I am a widower and have no heir.

2nd letter dated July 9th 1927.
Ann Usborne married James Gilbert of Dewajack, Mich & Frances U married James Fryer of Eaton N.Y.  Susan U married James Ford of Eaton, N.Y.  They are all dead.
Thos U of Chipstead, Eng. Has a brother William in Wisconsin. There is another branch of the U’s that settled at Rochester N.Y. & still another at Westfield Mass. There is a bible record in my sisters possession, also a bible that is in Edward Lewis’ family at West Eaton, N.Y.  We had a cousin of the name of Kenard, the largest hop grower in England; His mother was a U.  Johnny Jockey told us about him when his sister was here in 1866.

3rd letter dated Aug 15th 1927.
I have the records from my sisters bible, the death records from the tombstones of Grandfather John U. &  his 2nd wife Sarah Gilbert U. ……….I got Aunt Frances U. Fryer’s record, but I could not find the record of her daus, Sarah and Mary. Both married Ed. Lewis of West Eaton ……….They have my grandfather’s bible. Ann U. James Keelers wife died in Dewajack, Mich.  Wesley U. is mentioned, also Albert U.

Letter written by Sam on his deathbed to his son Sam
December 13th 1929
Dear Son, I came to the hospital Sat. Nov 30th more dead than alive. But I have got one of the best docs for my case that one could find. I sent you a formula for oil which you will be careful to save--at the least drop me a line if you received it. Sam, I am very sick. I ought to be where I could learn you the formulas and secrets of my life. They are worth millions. All it wants is some capitol. With love for you and yours.